Company Profile

Name Umineco COmpany Ltd.
CEO Kiichi Kameyama
Head Office Location Hmaguri-hama 18, Momoura, Ishinomaki-Shi, Miyagi-Ken, Japan
Main Focus Area Use IT for resolving fishing industry including manufacturing, selling, services
Strong Points
  • Professional fisher man and IT engineers are collaborating
  • Game-Changing Cost
  • Rich IT skills
  • Co-owrking with Ardupilot as partner


We are 'Umineko Company, Inc.,' a startup drone manufacturer based in Japan.
While drones are commonly associated with multicopters, what we design and produce are drones that operate unmanned on water surfaces and underwater, including boat-type and submarine-type drones.

In the news, you often hear about IoT and robotics being implemented in industries like manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture.
However, Japan, being a maritime nation surrounded by the sea, cannot overlook its waters.

Considering the idea of coexisting with the sea, the current state of rural areas, Japan's declining population, and its industrial capabilities, we believe that leveraging gentle technology to help each other thrive is something unique to the Japanese people and a responsibility we should embrace.

The sea is a harsh environment compared to land, and much of it remains unknown to humans.
We develop products that have been refined by professional fishermen. One of our executives is an active fisherman.

Our goal is to create the 'pickup truck of the sea.'
Just as we hope everyone can use a pickup truck, we will not only manufacture our products but also develop and install optional equipment and provide education for those who wish to learn.

Just as 'umineko' (seagulls) can be found in any fishing port, we hope that our products, although modest, can be used not only in Japan but also in fishing grounds around the world.

April, 2023

Umineco Company Ltd.